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What is the function of automobile alternator?

2021-11-22 03:34:40

Functions of automobile alternator:

It is the main power supply of the vehicle, driven by the engine. During normal operation, it supplies power to all electrical equipment except the starter. If there is excess energy, it will charge the battery.

Automobile alternator has little to do with automobile power and performance. It is OK to replace the generator that is not in the factory, but we must use the generator with good quality from a regular manufacturer, mainly depending on the power generation, stability and service life.

Generator starting and operation:

1. For units shut down for more than 24h, first open the test valve and start the oil pump. For units shut down for more than 7 days, the insulation resistance of exciter and operating circuit shall be measured, which must meet the requirements.

2. Start the fuel pump, discharge the air in the pipeline and observe whether the voltage is within the specified range. If it is normal, it can be officially started.

3. Check whether the voltage of the starting power supply meets the requirements. If the voltage is normal, press the start button and release it after the diesel engine runs normally.

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