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What is the main function of automobile alternator?

2021-11-22 03:40:40

The function of automobile alternator is to supply power to all electrical equipment except the starter and charge the battery at the same time when the engine is running normally. Automobile generator is the main power supply of automobile. Its working principle is that when the external circuit energizes the excitation winding through the brush, it will generate a magnetic field and magnetize the claw pole into N pole and S pole. Automobile generator consists of rotor, stator, rectifier and end cover, which can be divided into DC generator and AC generator. The precautions for the use of automobile generator are as follows: 1. Always clean the scale and dust on the surface of the generator and keep it clean and well ventilated; 2. Regularly check the fastening of all fasteners related to the generator, and tighten all screws in time; 3. If the generator fails to generate electricity, it shall be eliminated in time.

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